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anyone who says weckl has no feel wants their head seen to...ok,fusion is daves main thing and it can be a bit busy but thats the style of that genre..all very virtuoso..jazz can be brilliant to watch if your watching the drummer but i probably couldnt go to a 2 hour set without getting a bit bored....but to say weckl has no feel!!!!! just about any drummer we all talk about on here are gifted in their own boils down to what style we prefer to listen to and what impresses us the most..have you seen daves dvd,the next step,where he jams with a big band....the bugle is the name of the tune....he is awsome,especially when the band kicks thats "feel".....he,vinnie,gadd,smith and many others are all fantastic....maybe its people who dont get weckls drumming who are lacking in feel
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