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Default Ray Marte, of Exemption

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing....

Ray Marte, of Exemption

This is a friend of mine (well, I'm more of a fan but they are friendly guys) from Long Island.

Here's another link to check out his work.

Genre is Metal / Punk / Modern Rock.

Check out the Rabbit Hole, it's old 80's metal style with melody.

Also, here's a website I made for them, there's nothing to buy on the site, I'm not affiliated with the band, it's just a fan page because I love the band and do websites for a living. I'm just showing off, I don't give a crap how many click throughs I get or anything.

Comments welcome. I'd love to talk about how awesome the band is, since they're the best local unsigned band I've personally stumbled across.
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