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Well I caught Virgil last night with Haslip and Holdsworth and the night before by himself in clinic. I liked the clinic, but after seeing him in the band context, the clinic was mediocre at best. Virgil killed it, he and Alan were a little crotchety because the on stage mix I guess was not doing for them, but they overcame it and put on one of the best playing performances I have ever witnessed. It was sold out in a very small auditorium, 300 people maybe? If you judged each guys performance by audience response, Virgil stole the show. I am not that familiar with his history other than what I browsed on youtub, but it seemed he was consciously trying to avoid heavy double bass playing, which I expected to be everywhere judging what I had seen of him. Also, his physical fitness blew my mind. I would give my left nut to have that kind of stamina.

I have followed Holdsworth over the years, have heard much recordings, bootleg etc. to hear how different players approach his music, and no disrespect to Gary Husband, who probably will read this, but Virgil seemed to fit better than any player I have seen. He smoothed out the jagged edge that I have often noticed in his songs, really flowed nicely. Jimmy Haslip was cool to watch too, the guy is a giant.
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