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My first post here so fittingly will talk about my greatest "famous" drumming influence - Joe Morello: Truly a legend and one of the great examples of the positive influence of drumming - exemplifying that great technique and great musicality can go "hand in hand" (literally). Just listening to "the man" was a drum lesson all by itself!

Drumming (and music) was in my family - first my older brother (also a piano scholar and later, accomplished guitarist) played so there was a drum set in the house - learned drumming by playing (for hours!) along with Gene Krupa on one of the great recordings - Benny Goodman's 1938 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert (get it if it's not in your collection allready). We both were greatly influenced by our uncle Dick (Poole) - remember vividly him introducing me to Joe Morello's incredible drumming* in the basement of my grandfolks home MANY years ago with the cut "Sounds of the Loop" on Brubeck's "Jazz Impressions of the USA" (one of the best Brubeck albums - rec. 1956 - GET IT!). Sixteenths on a single bass drum while maintaining precise stick control on the snare - incredible!!

Then a few years later when "Take Five" became such a monster hit, I was truly hooked! Played along with the Time Out, etc. albums endlessly (it seemed) - my playing style is HEAVILY influenced by "the Man" as you would no doubt guess if you heard me play. Joe showed that technique is the foundation; musicality comes from the soul! What a great experience it had to have been to be playing with other equally great legends in Brubeck's group.

Got to meet Joe briefly at one of the Ludwig clinics he put on years ago (went with my uncle) - a great experience - man, if I only had it on tape!

* Also the machine precise drumming of Frank Arsenault (? - not sure of his name; was national rudiment champion for several years I believe) as well as Jim Chapin's book.

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