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Default Re: Vinnie Colaiuta goes to PAISTE

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
I don't know. I might trade some politics for a set of free cymbals.
But would you if the free ones weren't your favorite cymbals in terms of sound?

I dunno, it's possible to like both Zildjian and Sabian equally, but they make different sounding cymbals so it doesn't seem likely that Weckl, Peart, et al all liked Sabian as much as Zildjian, or better. And if they did, why didn't they move before any dust ups? They were, by various accounts, following "their guy" and not happy with who was left standing at Zildjian - but it didn't seem to have anything to do with the actual cymbals, which were presumably their favorites up to that point.

For the record, I think Sabian has a waaaaay better business model and spirit of innovation than Zildjian, but for whatever reason, I still like the way the Zildjian bronze feels under my stick and the sound character that hits my ears better than Sabian.

I can't imagine that anyone at Zildjian could piss me off enough to not play them anymore. Or, maybe I can imagine it, but I'm glad that isn't happening because I don't know anyone who works there and I like my Zildjians.

And lastly, I'd play Meinl before Sabian. Hell, I might even take them over Zildjian if I get up enough dough!

Now that I think about it, maybe that's all Vinnie was thinking when the 602s came out... that he just liked them better than any of his Zildjians. Pretty weird that once you get to his level that you can't just go play anything you want without it becoming this huge "thing" (forum fodder, mfr website scrambles, etc).
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