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Well I have another piano lesson tonight. My story in a nutshell is I picked up music late in life, about 5 years ago and starting drumming. I love it. We had a two hour jam in the woodshed on Sunday and made a joyful, if not horrible sounding noise. I had a couple of break throughs on drums lately and I have to attribute it to piano lessons. The reasons I started learning the piano is so I can read music.

I am retiring from the military after almost 30 years and got accepted to the College of Charleston and can study music, AS A FRESHMAN. GI bill picks up the tab and I get to do something I have always wanted to do, play music.

Bottom line is I keep hearing over and over that the more you know, the more you know. I believe Larry Ace coined that term. Anyway, it's working and helping. At my first lesson, the piano teacher said: Wow, you understand the rhythm part very well. Well I better with all the time and money I spent.

Funny thing with drums, you have 4 limps and 8, 10, 12, 144 things to hit. The piano, you have 10 fingers and 88 keys. Not as easy as it appears, and the left ring finger is a bad actor and needs to be taught a lesson. Piano types will know exactly what i mean.

So thumbs up for learning the piano, it was been a good experience for me.

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