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Here is what Jazzylover 59 PM'ed me. Am assuming he would have posted this himself if his account was active:

" I saw your post today regarding Montez Coleman...

I cannot reply to your post yet, as I have just joined the group, so I still need to activate my account after the email comes through.

Montez Coleman has been the drummer for The Roy Hargrove Quintet since 2006, up until last Fall. I think he was asked to leave after a major screw up during the European tour.

Montez is from St. Louis, Missouri, and he recently recorded with the great jazz guitarist, Russell Malone, on his 2010 "Triple Play" album. Montez never got to tour with him because he was busy touring with Roy Hargrove.

Montez was the "back-up" drummer for the Russell Malone Quartet previous to joining Roy Hargrove, and Montez can be seen on Russell's "Mugshot" video, that is a video bonus ont he "Playground" album (2004), recorded at SMOKE in NYC. He is NOT on the album though. EJ Strickland is the drummer on that album. The "Mugshot" video is on YouTube also.

The Roy Hargrove recordings that Montez is on are the Roy Hargrove Big Band Earfood" (2009), The Roy Hargrove Quintet "Earfood" (2008).

Hope this gets you started on Montez. And yes, he is a friend of mine, as all of the members of the Roy Hargrove Quintet are. I drove them around for 4 days in 2007 here in Washington State."

- jazzylover59

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