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Default Re: Axis Pedal.... revealed

as soon as I put my beater into the slot in the Aux (I use the normal axis beaters) I start getting this lag from the slave pedal, it feels as if it's clunky and not responsive at all.

Lag as you're referring to isn't the same as 'play'.

Play- is the mechanical result of loose tolerances with regards to parts.

Lag- is is the mechanical result of parts set-up in a way they produce a lag due to your playing style/technique.

Slag- would be the combination of both.

the washer that you mentioned in pic #3 is kind of loose

If you mean there's noticeable play side-side/up-down on the AUX main shaft, there's a slight chance the main shaft could be defective. I had one once and that's actually it in pic #1 now that I remember-

The threads were cut too long, the bearing sat on the threads, resulting in a little bit of play up-down on the shaft. If you can isolate the 'play' to the main shaft this 'may' be your problem, the the retaining clip being tight etc.
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