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Default Re: Roland V-Drums - Opinions??

Originally Posted by kauaiplayer View Post
Here's a great resource for all things v-drum.
Thanks, I will check it out, but what I said earlier is what I have seen. I own a 8000 watt pa and do sound for a couple bands as well as a couple venues. Plus I check out any out of town bands palying at any of the other clubs around and what I see is some guys own their E kits but other guys go into Long & McQuade and rent a set of td9's with the wires are zip tied to the rack and they all just plug them into the house pa and they are done, the guys that rent take them back to the store in the morning. The guitar players even make jokes that something is not right when it takes the drummer less time to set up than them. Also I have yet to see any of these guys bring any kind of amp or monitor to a gig. Some bring in ears and others use the house monitors but either way they are fed from the board. There is actually one band I saw playing a lot of gigs and no one is using any type of amp, guitar player uses a v synth , bass is direct to the board, e kit, & keyboard, all using in ear monitors and they basically show up with their instrument in one hand and a gear bag in the other and plug into the PA , they are set up in 10 min and tear down in 5, they even do live fade in and outs and some times play 2 gigs in one night.

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