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Default Re: Roland V-Drums - Opinions??

I had a set of Yamaha DTxtreme (1st gen) for a few years and at my church I play on a Roland TD-20. For the most part, they are good for practice or learning groves but not for on stage use, IMO. Just like another post said, you need to have VERY good amplification for it to sound "convincing", for lack of a better term. The cymbals are the worst part of it to me as far as response and sound. As far as setup goes, if you have a full 6pc kit and a drum rack, it may not be as heavy and take up as much room (maybe) but it's still the same amount of equipment to set up. Plus you still have a the cables and such to deal with. For me, I love the feedback, feel and control you get with an acoustic kit but for practice, sound control and different sound options, you can't beat an E-kit I guess.
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