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Default Re: Roland V-Drums - Opinions??

Hi Tony,

I've had v-drums for about 4 years now. I still use them as my practice and home recording kit with the following setup:

Roland td-6v, pd-80r snare, pd-8 toms and hat, cy-8 and Pintech cymbals, kd-8 kick
Addictive Drums samples midied via a laptop, Tascam US-122 usb-audio interface, Behringer 4 channel mixer.

The td6v is a dinosaur, but using samples from Addictive, Superior Drummer or another drum production software will give you incredible sounds and better response from an inexpensive kit. I think I bought my base td-6v for $600 in 2008, then added two cymbals and a few other upgrades.There are ways to expand a limited-input brain such as the td-6v. The new kits are nice and a lot more stable than the external software setup I'm currently using, but they're also really expensive. IMO the VST (software)-based kit sounds are still way better than the newer stock Roland samples.

From a weekend warrior perspective, I've spent a good amount of time working with v-drums in both recording and gigging situations. For a while I played them exclusively. Here's my two cents, both pros and cons:

..Silent practice. This is the biggie for me.
..Flexibility with sounds and kit layouts
..Ease and quality of recording
..Reduced stage volume

..Response. Although the technology gets a little better each year, electronics just don't feel or respond like an acoustic kit. You can't play brushes with them, and side stick playing is clunky at best.
..Contrary to popular belief, they are NOT easier to set up. Wiring, amps, monitors...
..In a live situation, if your kit brain or VST rig fries you're done for the night.
..You need really, really good amplification. The frequency range of drums is wider than any other instrument, so you have to have the amplification to support that.
..The constant question from the great unwashed. "Why don't you play a REAL kit?"

I hope this is of some help. Let me know if I can offer further information.

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