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Default Re: Axis Pedal.... revealed

This may be a little late of a reply but I just discovered this thread. I've noticed that when I have my axis pedals set up with the UDS and Aux BUT without putting my beater in the Aux, there is no slag at all, in fact the slave pedal is just as smooth as it would be if it were separated. But as soon as I put my beater into the slot in the Aux (I use the normal axis beaters) I start getting this lag from the slave pedal, it feels as if it's clunky and not responsive at all. I've used my UDS on a different pair of pedals and it works fine, plus it's brand new. My Aux on the other hand is old, and the washer that you mentioned in pic #3 is kind of loose, but when I tighten it in (which I do by pushing it in with pliers) it gets a bit tighter but the slag still exists...

Any suggestions? Thanks for you consideration!

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