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Default Re: Don't film Vinnie!

Aren't these all just human foibles? Yes, Vinnie as a public figure ideally should have thicker skin, but he's human and none of us are perfect. Obviously something about it presses his buttons.

As for people filming instead of living, they are more interested in their social relationships than having intense personal experiences. They want to entertain their friends, have bragging rights etc. Lots of people kind of live in the bubble of others' opinions rather than look within to more deeply experience life. Also just human frailty. In my experience everyone has their weaknesses. I'm in no position to throw stones.

Ricky, Vinnie plays more notes than I'd prefer too. I can't appreciate some of his intricacies because my ears can't keep up ... so I get an impression of clutter at times. My favourite drummers are those who can and do add intricate things but they make is sound fairly simple and clear (eg. Gadd, Bruford).

Still, if Zappa, Sting and Jeff Beck think he's great, I won't argue. It's just taste.
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