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Default Re: Don't film Vinnie!

I just don't know what to make of this, except to say that I believe Vinnie was really angered at the filming (& I think he overplays - sorry!).

Part of me thinks "jeez - I wish somebody wanted to film what I do!" , but it's bit too easy to say that I suspect. I do believe that it is an important lesson to learn (as a musician) that there's nothing quite so disappointing as an audience: by which I mean that people rarely understand what you're trying to get across. But all forms of communication are like this, it's a known hazard & one that VC must live with all the time.

I too am rather irritated by people that seem so pre-occupied in filming a concert that they forget that they should be LIVING through it. I mean, I even feel that way about Wedding videos! It's a very awkward bi-product of the whole video age that we are all living through: it's an experiment on the human mind for sure (no-one knows how it's going to affect us all).

That said, I filmed a recent gig I went to of Killing Joke. I only recorded specific songs & I knew I was going to see them again the next night minus my Q3. The reason I filmed it was I just felt strongly that they are such pioneers & it's such a blessing to hear them assembled on the same stage, just like it was 1979 - it's a document. And perhaps that is how this guy felt about Vinnie back with Sting playing this classic track?

Maybe VC was just irked that he got spotted without a set of Zildjians ( if that is true)?!
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