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Default Re: What's your other passion(s)?

I have many interests and hobbies.. but passion, what you call passion, only one.

My biggest passion is my football (soccer) team.

Club Nacional de Football. (Montevideo, Uruguay)

Founded on May 14, 1899. Three times World Champion. 123 official local titles won and 21 international cups. The most succesful team in Uruguay, all-time leader of the Copa Libertadores (South America) and undeniably one of the biggest teams in soccer history.

I know soccer isn't too popular in the US, so most of you won't understand what this feels like. It is impossible to describe.

Here are some pics of Nacional's supporters receiving our team when they get in the field before the match. I don't know if there's anything like it in the States.

(Nacional's colours are red, white and blue).

And here's a little vid from the tv broadcast. If there's any soccer fans here, I think you'll enjoy it. It really is amazing.

Going to the stadium and being there, with other 30, 50, 60 thousand people singing at the top of your lungs cheering for your team.. there's nothing like it.

Ok, I hope I didn't bore you, but I thought it would be nice to share this with you.

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