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Default Re: Don't film Vinnie!

Originally Posted by 8Mile View Post
I don't get it. The guy's a professional musician. This kind of attention bothers him? I mean, come on. He makes a living performing for people. He tours the world with one of the most famous pop stars of his generation. He's in an arena filled with thousands of adoring fans. And he's pissed off that someone's taking his picture.

That s*** is weak, man. I'm just sayin'.
I see your point, but in this case it is weird imo. If the camera were panning around the whole band or something that woulda been one thing. But this looked like some guy in the front row with a camera phone firmly planted on one person... Its a little weird, I felt uncomfortable watching it... Until he started making faces anyway, that broke the tension.

Like, if you were out in public and someone just started staring at your uninterrupted, it would probably feel a little weird.

and +1 on the camera/cell-phone activity at shows... it is annoying.
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