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Default Re: What's your other passion(s)?

Ha, i remember my first lift, it was like a whole-body orgasm.
Yeah! I thought landing would freak me out but it had my full concentration but you don't know the exact point you will lift off. I go to a lot. Plane's so cool.

I grew up in a county of about 10,000 people but they had a very active gliders club. When we were little we would see someone pulling those long trailers and go, coooll.

People hang out at the airport in hopes they can go up with private pilots. Maybe I can call the flight school and ask some questions. Gliding above the earth in silence appeals to me. I took a hot air balloon ride once and I was in Disneyland. Unfortunately, one of the girls on board could not disguise her absolute, sheer panic. We floated over the Texas Capitol, UT football stadium, the Frank Erwin Center(coliseum for concerts etc) and I35.
I35 freaked me out some..morning rush hour.
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