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Default Re: What's your other passion(s)?

Originally Posted by MaryO View Post
NIce and very impressive. Good luck with your badge!
Thanks! Nice motorcycle you got in there! I`ve always liked the look of bikes (althrough i`m into classic bikes) but for some particular reason i`m afraid to ride one. I will make it one day, but I don`t trust myself, so... lol
Originally Posted by resohead View Post
I've flown a few times but soon found out that the FAA wasn't thrilled about bipolar pilots buzzing subdivisions. Wonder why? : )

ps..Flying is so much fun. The first time I lifted off the ground was a major rush. I'm sure gliding is even more fun as messerschmidtt will attest.
Nice to see i`m not the only pilot around. I`m sorry for your inability to fly anymore.
Ha, i remember my first lift, it was like a whole-body orgasm. So many new sensations and things to see and feel...
Gliding is indeed fun as hell. I think flying a powered aircraft would take away all the beauty of the simplicity of gliding ( i don`t really like the term of soaring). Technology, as in all aspects of life , ruin it, somehow. They open up more possibilities and break down pleasures.
Now everyone is navigating with fancy GPS`s and have audio variometers... where`s the fun of navigating with a map,getting lost, misjudging? We`re using our minds to create technology then get addicted to it and forget where we came from and how life was with before it...
My 7 piece Millenium MX-222 kit. I love it!
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