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Default Re: VIDEO : Great drumsolo by Mr Simon Phillips!

Originally Posted by Pedro
Ok, Dennis Chamers did THE SAME THING on a Zildjiandays-show.

He also drunk some water while he was playing a double basspattern, and then whiped his face off with a towel, and then looked at his watch (in stead of reading the newspaper)

Ad then he did the same thing as Simon here is doing slowley starting hitting the snare followd by a roll, but Dennis did it with one hand.

So, one of the two just compied the other one, or someting like that. If that's a rescent video than Dennis Chambers was first, but I think there where a lot of drummer who did that before.

So, for me this video was a bit dissapointing!
This video is put up here just for sharing purpose, didn't know it was dissapointing to you or and doesn't really matter who actuslly copied who. Afterall Simon did this as always in his many clinic in different ways. Dennis is my No.1 Drummer, but I've seen Simon on the Drums too in his Clinic and he really has very Fast Legs & Hands too, very good control 4 limbs and I'm amazed.

Pedro, these are entertaining regardless which drummer did it, provided we do possess that kind of skills.
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