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Default Re: What's your other passion(s)?

Originally Posted by Messerschmitt View Post
Well, I`m a glider pilot... I`m still a beginner at it (1 year) but drumming and gliding are the things i don`t think i could live without.
Hopely this summer i`ll get my Silver C badge ! The Silver C badge is something a pilot obtains after 2 achievements: a height gain of at least 1000 m, a flight time of at least 5 hours per single flight and gliding at least 50 km. Keep in mind gliders have no source of propulsion. We use thermals for lift and try to stay airborne as long as possible. It`s sort of.. aviation poetry.
I loved aviation ever since i was a kid, and i`m planning to get a career in this domain (aviation engineer). Let`s hope i`ll make it.
Also, i am a WW2 enthusiast and militaria collector, and i wanted to take up reenactment but i don`t want to cut my hair, lol!

NIce and very impressive. Good luck with your badge!
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