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Default Re: What's your other passion(s)?

I've been riding for almost 20 years. Since my daughter was born, I've done a little less street riding each year, and am currently looking to liquidate my street stuff and start doing some more off road activities, Dirtbiking, ATV's, camping, etc.

My daughter (9) just enrolled in a Brazilian Jui Jitsu Program that we're going to 3 times a week. She's been the target of bullying in school for a couple years now, and has some confidence issues. I did some research and found a program designed specifically to deal with bullying. The program teaches kids "verbal jui jitsu" to stop the bullying, but if it goes to the next level, they teach them submission moves designed to take them down quickly and put into submission without violating school rules and getting themselves in trouble for fighting in the process.
She's just getting into the program and is totally into it. To be honest, seeing my daughter in her Gi, out there grappling with the boys and confidently trying to put them into submission holds makes me the happiest father on this big rock. :) :) :)
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