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Default What's your other passion(s)?

So we know that all of us here have a passion, (or maybe some kind of weird obsession) for our drum kits and playing. The new 2 minute solo thread has given a little bit of insight as to the players personal style and maybe a hint at their it got me to thinking, what are your other passions other than drumming? Give us another look into who you are...

Here's mine: Riding my Ninja and hanging out with all of our motorcycle buddies. I've been around motorcycles all my life and begain riding my own about 5 years ago. I'm also really into vintage cafe-style bikes and vintage flat-tracking (I don't race but have family members who do).

Anyways, that's another piece of me. I love being known as the 40-something gal who plays drums and rides a usually gets me a raised eyebrow or two and a lot of talk about a mid-life
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