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Default Re: Don't film Vinnie!

Originally Posted by 8Mile View Post
Heh, or how about Keith Jarrett and his reaction to people *coughing*? That episode at the 2007 Umbria festival in Italy was only one of many instances of him lashing out at the audience and chastising them because someone couldn't stifle a cough to his satisfaction.

It's a shame about Jarrett. I think he's maybe the most brilliant living musician, one of the greatest pure talents in the history of music. But he's crazy.

As you say, gotta find the beauty in the quirks. Life would be boring without all that, eh?
Didn't know about the coughing but it doesn't surprise. Crazy and brilliant ... love and marriage like a horse and carriage.

I have more trouble finding beauty in non-quirks :)
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