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Default Re: Don't film Vinnie!

Originally Posted by 8Mile View Post
I don't get it. The guy's a professional musician. This kind of attention bothers him? I mean, come on. He makes a living performing for people. He tours the world with one of the most famous pop stars of his generation. He's in an arena filled with thousands of adoring fans. And he's pissed off that someone's taking his picture.

That s*** is weak, man. I'm just sayin'.
He's probably a shy guy at heart - spending all those years holed up in practice rooms building up his terrifying skill base. It's not his fault that so many people think he's the bee's knees.

I agree that you'd think he'd get used to it and settle down but creative people are often quirky (that's me speaking as a perfectly normal pillow of society).

How about Keith Jarrett and his reaction to people taking photos? My mother was a writer and as mad as a meat axe. Or just look around this place with its myriad eccentrics and kooks ... I love it ... an oasis of harmless lunacy in a vast desert of uninspiring, sensible, stolid conservative people :)
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