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Default Re: Drumming cartoons

Originally Posted by Ian Williams View Post
Abe/Aydee: Now is your turn mate! Come on! step out of the your face...and let Polly to have some fun. ;-)
He did earlier on, Ian. Sadly, I flubbed it. One of my bestest buds on this site and I failed with the caricature :(

Originally Posted by Ian Williams View Post
... the time and dedication you have spent on the sort of photo transformation job.
Grea/Polly - You are an artist beyond drummer making a legend minotaur out of me...By the way, I won't have a fight to kiss you twice with those lovely teeth! hahaha :-)

Thanks for signing off my floor tom batter head..!

A big hug for you! :)
Ian, you know whose signature is on the batter head, don't you? :)

These things always end up with a fair bit of detail - a tweak here and a tweak there until no element of it is too jarring. A bit like drum part arrangements.
Polly's rhythms
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