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Default Re: Drumming cartoons devil-doll! I knew you had a dark-evil-gloomy touch...But I Like It! :-)

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
A bit twisted, I know, but ...
Im honoured! I was part of Picasso's art history at the living present and THANKS to Grea!

> Abe/Aydee: Now is your turn mate! Come on! step out of the your face...and let Polly to have some fun. ;-)

Originally Posted by aydee View Post

You are progressively getting artier and artier, Pol. Ian's reminds me of the Guernica..
Geeez!!! Was my first impression. Then looking at the details...bits and pieces put together...Wow! Unbelievable was my second reaction due to the time and dedication you have spent on the sort of photo transformation job.
Grea/Polly - You are an artist beyond drummer making a legend minotaur out of me...By the way, I won't have a fight to kiss you twice with those lovely teeth! hahaha :-)

Thanks for signing off my floor tom batter head..!

A big hug for you! :)

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Looking forward to Ian's reaction ... it's not hard to transform photos - a few minor adjustments and anyone can be spooky :)

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