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Default Re: Do you think the ends justify the means?

If you find yourself in a situation where you question the morality of the means to get to the ends you want:

1. Question whether or not the "ends" are worth it
2. Be more creative. Find a different "means"
3. If you are somehow responsible for the situation you've found yourself in, you need to seriously re-evaluate how you're living your life

You shouldn't have to do something you know is wrong to get what you want in life, no matter how big or small the wrong is. The only exception, of course, is when a tough choice is brought into your life from an outside source and you're left with no choice but a "wrong" one, like beating up somebody who is trying to kidnap your child.

If you're left with no choice, and it's not of your own doing, then, YES, the ends justify the means. If you have helped to create a situation where the easy way out is to compromise the honor of your own behaviors, then NO, they don't. Suck it up and live through the consequences of your foolish actions that led up to this point.

As long as you're anonymous, AXU, what is the situation?
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