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Default Re: Whats the deal with Glam Metal

Originally Posted by sbowman128675 View Post
Why do people hate it so much?

Do people hate it? Come to Los Angeles, and you'll find plenty of people who still think it's 1986. LOL.

But do people hate it? Well, why do people dislike anything?
An album is considered very successful if it sells 1 million copies in the USA.

As of 2012, there are around 313,218,000 people in the USA.

So, a successful album means it only appeals to just under 1/300th of the population.

"Appetite for Destruction" has sold 18 Million copies in the US, which still means 95% of the population doesn't care enough to buy it.

Even the most popular music actually only appeals to a small percentage of people. Which means, by definition, most people don't like any one thing.

So yes, lots of people hate glam metal, because by definition, most people don't like any one thing anyway.

On the flip side, the genre has sold millions upon millions of albums. VH-1 classic still shows mostly glam era video on "Metal Mania." Many bands from the glam metal era still tour on a regular basis.

Anyhow, what already baffled me back then, and still does today, is how some bands ever got called "glam metal" to begin with. Motey Crue? Sure, they have a hardness to their sound, I get that.

Poison? I never heard anything remotely "metal" about them Rock? sure. But metal? I don't get it. Winger? Warrant? Metal? Their sounds were closer to Bon Jovi, whom no one called metal, even back then.
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