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Default Re: Whats the deal with Glam Metal

It was pop music. For the rock crowd. And some of those guys, were, and still are, incredible musicians. So much more so, than what they played, on their albums.
I saw an "after hours" NAMM show, one year. Simon Phillips was the drummer. Andy Timmons (from Danger Danger) was guitarist/MC, for the evening. And Andy Timmons shreds. He was so far beyond any "Danger Danger" thang .... but hey .... Danger Danger put beans on his table. Reb Beach (Winger) was another cat, who played that night. Totally off the hook. But again, Winger was his money maker.
Some people just love to hate. Whether it's jealousy, ignorance, or whatever. Who knows. Musicians can have amazing talents, but to make a living, they have to "dumb down", appeal to the masses, and be entertainers. That's where the money's at. If people aren't entertained, they ain't gonna throw any cash your way. For people who loved the glam metal scene, well, it was quite a scene, indeed. And for those who didn't/don't .... hey, buy something else.
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