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Default Whats the deal with Glam Metal

Why do people hate it so much?

Lemme, explain. The evolution on my drumming has gone from, "lets see how fast and complicated I can play," over to "what does this song need to sound good; how can i serve this artist." Ive gone from loving George Kollias and Derik Rody and Mike Portnoy, over to favouring people like John Bohnam, Phill Rudd, Alex VanHalen and (to keep with my topic) TOMMY LEE!!!!......and Rikke Rokket :p

So heres my guff. Alot of people have pretty much boycotted glam metal and any metal band that ever was or is galm metal. But with the influence of the music in my life, I gotta say, I LOVE hearing all those old glam metal bands playing their stuff. Sure the lyrics are a bit much and its not really metal. But I think that for the most part there were some great musicians in that era of music. When the dude from Twisted Sisters comes in with the drum intro to "were not gonna take it," Im like, wow, what a simple part, but so awesomely played. It served the song for what it needed. Same with the album, "Crack a smile and more." by posion, I LOVED hearing the drumming on that album, not to mention the awesome guitar riffs.

Most recently I got Live 8 2005 on DVD and went right to Motley Crue playing "Dr. Feelgood" and it was KILLER!!! Anyone who says Tommy Lee is not a good drummer does not know drumming. He is so solid. And considering it was only 3 musicians playing and 1 singer, they had such a huge sound.

I guess, besides my ranting, I wanna know, what do you guys feel about the glam metal era? Did it have musical merrit? Was it more than just a put on by MTV to you? And did the musicians have a genuine talent that you can honestly say has influenced your playing?

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