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Default New to the forums, looking for lesson ideas

Hey everyone, D-Rock here. I'm 32 years old and started playing when I was 16. For years before I actually started playing I also wanted to play but for whatever reason my time had to wait...I bought my first set a 1970's Ludwig Vistalite from a great musician friend who would end up being the guitarist in a few bands with me. After two years of playing I started studying seriously with my now close friend David Dreyfus (Student of Dom Famularo) I started teaching drums at the age of 21 after studying with David for 3 years. I stopped teaching when I went to school at the age of 26 to get my degree in Chemistry. Recently graduated last year at the age of 31, didn't land a job teaching chemistry and I've gotten back into drumming and teaching again. I'm trying to make cool online videos and so anyone with cool ideas please throw them my way. Here are two videos I have is on inverted double stroke rolls with your feet, and the other is on a brazilian samba pattern. Hope to hear from people soon..Enjoy!
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