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Default Re: Hello...from Portugal!

Welcome to Drummerworld. You have the essentials. The 4 voices. The kick, snare, hats, and ride. Most all your drumming will be with those 4 elements. Rack toms, floor toms, crash, splash, and china's, etc., all that stuff is just icing on the cake.
I call your set-up, the Steve Adler tribute kit. When Steve first joined GNR, theym took away his big, arena rock kit, and made him play with just a kick, snare, and floor tom. They "forced" him to concentrate on the groove. Leave behind, the multi-tom fills. And, those early Hollywood GNR shows, well, those guys were raw. Gutter-rockers. And the first album, still holds its own, 25 years later.
My "minimalist" set .... you have 1 more drum, than me.
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