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I know. I just came to after passing out reading that post. Seriously in all fairness to edgecrusher, this website has opened me up to new drummers I might have heard about but never heard play or seen play. Some of them I was disappointed and others I was blown away. That's the beauty of drumming and music for that matter. Discovery is always going to occur. Believe it or not, there are people out there that don't find Steve Gadd to be all that great (very small minority but still).

Anyway, edgecrusher, check him out. I hear Rush is releasing the Exit...Stage Left DVD soon and that contains arguably some of Neil's best work.

And another note for everyone: Nutha Jason mentioned in a nutha thread that copying a drum part and composing a drum part are very different. So remember, people may be able to "copy" his stuff and then turn around and say he's not all that great, but I bet they couldn't come up with those beats.
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