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Default Re: Am i desperate?

Originally Posted by harryconway View Post
Sounds like a simple case of, you can't find the right cats to jam with. But, on the "other" hand ... you can't shove "your vision" onto someone else, no matter how right you might be. Yeah, a blues/rock band, you got 3 generations of audience to appeal to. But, if no one else see's the potential, well .... you're gonna wind up not being in a band. So that means "you" need to become more flexible. Join, or start, a Punk band. Or an Industrial band. Techno, Metal, Fusion, whatever. Also, look at, not so much a "traditional" band.
Well, you`re spot on. I can`t find people, that`s the problem. I`m not trying to shove my ideas down someone`s throat, i`m just trying to do something different. I want something a bit off the charts, at least, off the rock/metal charts. I wouldn`t really mind playing something else( reggae/ska/dub would be fun and catchy as well), i just mind i don`t play at all !

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
You said yourself that you live in a small(?) town with 115,000 people. Given that number, the odds are that there are more than enough musicians available to meet your needs, it's just a matter of finding them. Do you have a Craigslist type of website in Romania?
Well, there is a Romanian Craigslist but nobody posts ads in there. On the other hand, there are other free advertising sites wich i may be able to post an ad on. Also, i could use the drummer/guitarist forums in Romania. Thanks for the tip !

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Agree with Harry about not being able to impose your vision on others. For drummers it's usually the other way around.

As far as I'm concerned, drumming is fun no matter what the music, as long as the players are competent and the music has heart, style, dynamics and at least some intelligence.
Polly, it is indeed fun no matter what! We used to fool around at rehearsals and we would start playing funk, then switch to blues, then rock, then ska, then...then..... Playing music is fun no matter what instrument you play, IMO.That`s the reason you play it, right? But that`s what i`m looking, for, musical intelligence and something that`s one step ahead. Something more , let`s say mature. Something that requires skills and technicality to play.

Originally Posted by Mad About Drums View Post
... he also knew all the places were musicians were hanging around in the area, you know, the bars, the pubs, the clubs, etc. I met so many other musos there, and upon re-making the world of music behind a pint of beer, I made some great friends, some of which I played with and some I didn't, but you would find all sort of guys, funk, jazz, rock, punk, soul, you name it, they were there. :)

So, perhaps you could go to these places were musos hang around and chat about the music you want to do, and your band project, you'll be surprised how many will do a jam or something with you, and if the right chemistery's there, you might be able to put a band together, try an ad in your local newspaper, put something in the local music shop for everyone to see, it will happen, but you'll have to look for it, go out and show yourself to the world :))
Music shops would be a good idea, too. I`ll also try talking to other musicians i know. You know, that`s the way you meet a friend of a friend. I tried this in the past but failed, because i was considered "too young" for a band of guys in their mid 20`s to 30`s.

The biggest problem i have is not being able to play my kit while not in a band. I don`t have a rehearsal space and i had to count on the band`s ones. I`m constantly searching for rentable spaces but none show off. I don`t think i could afford them, either. I haven`t played my kit since December, wich is a huge loss for me. All i`ve been able was to brush my snare and practice rudiments on my feet...
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