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Default Hello...from Portugal!

Well, first of all, I'm sorry for my bad english. My name is Michelle Castro, and I'm Portuguese. I'm 15 yo, and I'm learning drums (or trying to).

I play guitar, sax and piano for years, and since the beginning of this year, drums. I have a cousin, now in Germany, who left me parts of his old (first one I guess) drumkit.
I'm very curious and I love music, so, I've started to try drumming a little bit, playing alongside with some Johnny Cash, or Elvis music (without real drums in those records).

I'm already on another instrument's classes, so I cant afford a drum teacher. So, I'm alone on this, but loving this. I'm a minimalist girl, and I love the drumming style of Meg White, Ringo Starr, Mike Avory... Well, I have a very small drumkit:

a 14' hihat (paiste), a 18'' crash/ride paiste, a snare, a kick and a floor tom. Just that. I have the cymbal monted on the kick, on the middle of the drumkit (well, just a little bit for the right side, close to my floor tom). I can play it as a real ride, or crashing on him. Call me innocent, but until now, I'm quite happy with this drumkit. I'm learning with internet and tutorials, playing and pratice hard, and now I'm playing with a band (well... a PROJECT of a band).

Sorry all this wall of text. Any tips and ideas, are wellcome :)
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