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Default Re: Drumming cartoons

@ Henri - depending on which way you look at it you have a flatulent contortionist standing on his chin (who, incidentally, is shaped like a drumset and whose face is a reso head) ... or you have a hybrid between a 4-armed woman drummer and her kit (which has a face-like design on the reso head).

@ Luke - I think you perfectly captured the feeling we have when we see someone who kicks our sorry drumming ass ... it makes you feel clumsy, gauche and really unhip. Actually, that's in my past. I don't feel like that any more because so many people here have told me sweet lies when I've posted my playing :)

As I said on another thread, I may not be one of the cats ... more like a hamster ... but happy with my hamster-ness. As a great muse once said, "it's hip to be square"

And yes, it's supposed to be QC. Good that at least someone's on the ball

@ Ian ... yes, plead, whimper, grovel ... that's how I like it, my friend ... to smell the fear ... to see the whites of your eyes as the knife twists ...

Do you have a closer face shot? It's hard to be brutal from a distance :) Arky's shots are great - perfect hehehehe
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