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Originally Posted by Messerschmitt View Post
It really is frustrating when you CAN, you WANT, but you don`t have someone else to join...
Well, when my first band splitted up after a year and about 3 gigs, I really wanted to join another band, so I put a little ad in the local newspaper, I only had one call from a rock guitarist who wanted to form a new band, I've been lucky, this guy was a well known muso in the area, and he was light years ahead of me (he played the kit better than me,lol) I stayed about 4 years with him, with a few changes in the line up, but I've been the only drummer of that particular band, I own that guy so much, he took me under his wing, but ... he also knew all the places were musicians were hanging around in the area, you know, the bars, the pubs, the clubs, etc. I met so many other musos there, and upon re-making the world of music behind a pint of beer, I made some great friends, some of which I played with and some I didn't, but you would find all sort of guys, funk, jazz, rock, punk, soul, you name it, they were there. :)

So, perhaps you could go to these places were musos hang around and chat about the music you want to do, and your band project, you'll be surprised how many will do a jam or something with you, and if the right chemistery's there, you might be able to put a band together, try an ad in your local newspaper, put something in the local music shop for everyone to see, it will happen, but you'll have to look for it, go out and show yourself to the world :))
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