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Default Re: Drumming cartoons

Oops, I have a backlog to clean up. Rest assured, guys, I will uglify you to my best ability and post the result here!

You know how sometimes post our flubbs in Your Playing? Well, here's what I consider my second flubb of this thread (the first being the caricature of Abe). I had this hare-brained idea of representing Phil - Resohead - as a human drum kit, with his face as a reso head.

IMO it has some appealing aspects but no cigar.

I wanted to send it to Phil in a PM but you can't add attachments in PMs and I couldn't be bother uploading it to my domain or starting a Photobucket account. So Flubb #2 on this thread (I have tons of flubbs on my cartoon website, which is has almost no CQ).
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