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Default Re: Am i desperate?

Sounds like a simple case of, you can't find the right cats to jam with. But, on the "other" hand ... you can't shove "your vision" onto someone else, no matter how right you might be. Yeah, a blues/rock band, you got 3 generations of audience to appeal to. But, if no one else see's the potential, well .... you're gonna wind up not being in a band. So that means "you" need to become more flexible. Join, or start, a Punk band. Or an Industrial band. Techno, Metal, Fusion, whatever. Also, look at, not so much a "traditional" band. Getting 4/5 people together is a hard thing. Maybe just find a keyboard player. A drummer, and a keyboard player .... who needs guitar, or bass? These guys make it work. Now, I'm not saying become the next Morgenstein/Rudess, but the concept .... it's far easier to get 2 people on the same page, as 4 or 5.
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