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Default Am i desperate?

I`m not sure if i`m desperate but I am surely frustrated.Well. The story goes like this.

I`ve been in 3 bands so far (playing for almost 3 yrs), mostly played rock (first band) and then metal (next two ones) and never managed to do anything. I mean, the most success I had was with the last band, "Invader", we had 2 concerts and played a song at a local music contest. Not that much if you`d ask me. And we had lots of ideas but the gutarist insisted we should not go out and perform for a crowd until we have everything PERFECT. I didn`t really agree but getting technical neoclassical metal at a "perfect" rating is hard. I`m a perfectionist, too, but some things could have went unseen. Now that band is history.

Now i`m trying to make a funk-blues-rock thingy band and it`s pretty hard.You know, that kind of 80`s music that people can dance to and have a good time. I live in a small town (read around 115.000 people ) and musicians don`t really grow in trees. The audience potential is enormous given the fact that the younger generation and the older one would both enjoy what we would play, the problem is i can`t really find people for the band. Everyone wants rock or pop-rock, wich people are already tired of.

I have 1,5 years till i go to college and I have only played once in my hometown. I would really like to manage to play in here before i hit the road. Don`t get me wrong, but i learnt how to play a heck load of stuff, (all kinds of genres) and i can`t even play A SINGLE ONE. It`s not fair and somehow feel i have wasted my time in useless bands.

It really is frustrating when you CAN, you WANT, but you don`t have someone else to join...
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