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Couldn't agree with you more Wile E...

These guys knocking Weckl...I'd like to see them play, or actually I probably wouldn' Weckl him I like to watch even if it does make me feel so insigificant as a player myself....

I think a lot of the time when people knock those who are more highly skilled somehow it justifies (in their mind) there own lack of skill.....I mean these whole "musicality" thing is getting to almost be a cliche. They see a drummer who blows them away and I guess the only negative thing you can say is that elusive musicality...

I think people (drummers) can identify more with drummers like Ringo, Bonham etc. while great in their own right, deep down we all feel that we can approach that level of playing. Guys like Weckle, Gadd, etc. forget it...they are in another realm.
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