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Default Re: Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz here!

Originally Posted by topgun2021 View Post
I hate to post this so soon, but this popped into my head.

Do you go by Bermuda because Bermuda Shorts sounds like Bermuda Schwatz?

It seems so obvious. Why isn't that a clothing line!!!!!?????
There was a sportswear company called Burmy's back in the '80s, no relation but we did get a bunch of cool shirts from them! :)

But yes, Bermuda Schwartz sounds like "shorts". But I wasn't the first. Many years ago on the Bullwinkle Show, Dr. Bermuda Schwartz had invented a silent bomb - the Hush-A-Bomb (Hush-A-Boom?)

There's also a book by Bob Morris called Bermuda Schwartz, published maybe 8 years ago. When he was promoting it, everyone asked if it was about the drummer. He had no idea what they were talking about, looked me up, and invited me to a signing in L.A. I showed up and was the guest of honor, and was given a signed book! Trust me, authors usually get only a dozen comped books, so that was pretty cool.

BTW, Bermuda appears on my driver license, credit cards and bank accounts. :)

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