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Originally Posted by Zardoz
I usually listen to everything, but when a classic rock band like Deep Purple comes on I'll shun it off, thinking "Eh.......smoke on the water.......corny", maybe because I'm younger and didn't grow up with bands like that, so I'll admit my ignorance for ignoring this guy and not knowing he played for more artists than Deep Purple.

Just checked out all his videos on here WOW this guy rips! Thanks Bernhard for shedding a new light on this drummer for me.
Some of Ian's best work is with Deep Purple. "Smoke.." is just one of the songs that got popular, and his work on that is just the tip of the iceberg. Check out DP's Fireball, Machine Head, and In Rock albums.

And thanks again Bernhard. It's always a joy to watch some of his older stuff. His fills were almost as good the guitar player's mullet. jk :)
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