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Default Hey everyone, just joined!

Hey everyone,
Been looking forward to getting on here finally, even if it is just on my phone for now.

I'm Chunky, 27 years old, been playing since I was 15, I love most styles of music and even the styles that don't set my world on fire I still enjoy to play and learn.
Love funky stuff, latin and reverse engineered break-beat styles but I am first and foremost a metal-er.
I play in a band called Hellraizer and we play a mix of, straight up metal, djent and pretty much all the good bits we like of all the genres.

I play a Mapex Saturn Pro, 10, 12, 14 toms, 20 kick and 14x 7 Black panther

I have coated Emporer heads on top, Ambassadors on bottoms, Emporer X on snare and eMad on bass drum

17" A custom crash (I think, I've only just started venturing away from Sabian),
18" AAXplosion crash
16" Pro Sonix china which was a spare after I broke my better ones but cuts through better live than the expensive ones! Nasty recording tone though...
18" Istanbul china, Alchemy? looks terrible, sounds amazing!
21" Sabian dry ride
7" and 10" Dave Weckl evo splashes - sounds just like him! Which is a credit to just how natural his sound is and how good that natural sound is. Doesn't make me play like him though... :(
8" AAX splash
Big and small Zil-bells
14" AAX stage hats

Gibralter rack
Iron cobra pedals, double, hats and cowbell.

An assortment of cowbells, woodblocks tamborines and 12" Tama hand hammered snare for other musical situations

I don't get out on the scene much and there isn't a great deal of drummers around me so I've always missed out on the strong drummer community I always read about in Rhythm magazine so, here I am! Hello everyone!

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