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I saw a couple of days ago Tindersticks in concert in Cologne. The sound was very good and it was a joy to see Earl Harvin performing with them. I used to know mainly their earlier albums. It was amazing how Earl managed to preserve the spirit of Tinderstick's previous drummer, but also bringing its own personal touch. Really amazing, even more since the previous drummer style was kind of personal.
He blew me away not because of his technical skills nor his sound which were both excellent, but mostly because of the way he approached Tindersticks music.
He kept playing very simply, while bringing groove and a tiny bit of technicity.
IMO he just did the best thing on the drums one could do after what Tindersticks has imprinted in the past.
The sole remark I could make, sometimes his tempo was a bit too rigid. Nonetheless, he is definitely a great musician.
I also learned that he played in the past with Air and Charlotte Gainsbourg, pretty cool.
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