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I think we should change the name of the website to "" ;-)

Just like another member mentioned on here, Peart and my father are my 2 main influences for picking up drumsticks. As far as rock drummers go, he is the greatest ever and arguably behind Rich and the most influential drummers ever. Also, there are very few drummers that you can listen to for a few seconds and go "yeah that's so-and-so playing", Peart is one of them.

Edgecrusher (cool FF song btw), he's been in a little band called Rush for about 30 years now. If your only exposure to him is from this website, then I will first be more than happy explaining to you what a snare drum is ***i'm kidding!*** and then make you some Rush compilations. ;-) ;-) ;-)

Those few small clips of a legend like Peart on here are just like most clips on here.....not the best way to totally soak in the artist and his/her style. I think of them as "teaser trailers".

His solo differs from about 90% of other big-named drummers in that, he's not just hamming it up and showing off his chops. It's an actual composition, which is different then the token "wow that dude is da fastest!" drum solo types. The man can sit down and explain the reason for every note he plays, which makes it more interesting.

The complaint that I hear most about Peart's playing is that he "overplays everything", but many other big-name drummers (which I won't name because I'm not turning this into a war), play over-the-top for the music they're propelling or following, but with Rush his style fits perfectly. This guy rarely plays a bad beat. When people say "they don't groove" are missing the point of their music. Rush's music is pure energy and that's it.

And whatever ignorant person said the guy must have an ego. While I'm sure he does just like most musicians (why does that need to be expained???) there are many interviews where he shuns off any pioneering things people have pointed out him doing and also telling people to "if you want to really listen to guys who play, listen to Bruford, Bozzio," and lists a few, if you call that "ego", then you're probably just some disgruntled drummer who throws a temper tantrum because you still can't play 'Tom Sawyer' after all these years of practicing in your mum's basement. ;-)

In closing, I would highly suggest picking up his dvd's, even if you don't like the Rush-sound or whatever, because the man's philosophy about music will blow your mind. He has some of the best speaking parts in any "instructional" videos I've ever seen. The dude knows his sh*t moreso than most professional musicians.
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