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Default Re: This is what drumkat looks like

Originally Posted by drumkat View Post
Who is the face under her? Never seen her before. She has a pretty face.
Pick G! Pick G!! :)

Funny stuff, Henri. C is a classic lol

The vampire one worked pretty well as a BD head ... I mean, no one in their right mind wants a deadly screaming creature on their reso ... apart from Bermuda ...

Bermuda's reso is 3 down ...

It's for the tour to support Weird Al's Alpocalypse album:

Point is, I like the 3D effect with the green vampire in on the drum head - it looks like the head is coming our of the bass drum's inky blackness (wooooo). But a less bizarre face with more character could be sensational IMO

BTW Henri, hate to say you missed a perfect opportunity ... with H, instead of "look at me" the logical sign is "I'm with stupid ---->" ... and point it at the guitarist hehehe

Originally Posted by LukeSnyder
Haha, Polly, do you have a thread for creative re-workings of members' photos? If not, you should. I want to see that, lol.
I take it you've seen the Drumming Cartoons thread, Luke? Not photos, just p1ss take caricatures.

Happy to engage in silly photos if others are ... maybe when you finish your tripod drumming practice you can give us a photo :)
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