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Default Re: Attention: Steely Dan tragics

Cheers Abe. I think if they were playing in a large jazz club (say, a swanky soiree) they would be mind blowingly, um, mind blowing. A place with good clean acoustics, a bit of liveness but also clear with fairly even tones around the room.

I first learned music with subtle intricacies aren't well suited to stadiums when I saw Tull ... with all the boom and echo the music sounded like a mess. This coming from a Tull fan. Not long after I heard Aussie pop band, Crowded House, play at the same venue and it sounded sensational - simple clean lines, the drummer didn't even bring toms and had one cymbal.

It's a conundrum - when you're as good as the Dan you become too popular to play at the venues that would best suit.
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