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Default Re: Attention: Steely Dan tragics

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
I came away thinking the band is too intricate to be put in their best light in stadiums.
Thats a great and very insightful point.

I've heard them more than a few times, and while I walked away from each of the gigs like a bobbysoxer who just snagged Elvis' kerchef, I did also walk away wondering if superb recording artists can indeed do superb live gigs.. much of Dan is so intricately crafted- I mean just to hear Fagen talk about how these song are created is an exercise in musical epiphany & incredulousness... all those added 9th and circles of 4th, diminished this and augmented that..taking an ancient blues riff, and adding notes to it etc etc...

And all of that is predetermined -- - And then who plays which part of what

-which is then tracked 35 times till you have the right take.. I mean c'mon...

AND THEN to take all of that and put a bunch of guys on a stage and play it!! I guess if Philhamonics can do it, so should they... but Pol, you are right. It does fall short.


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