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Originally Posted by micsmi52003
What blow's my mind is how many people on this forum is bashing Tommy Lee. True he is not the most technical drummer, but when it comes to showmanship you can't name someone better. Tommy Lee is the reason I started playing drums 17+ years ago and I still look up to him to this day. When you mention technical drummers, most people, or more so, most drummers can't mention many technical drummers... but one thing's for sure everyone knows who in the hell Tommy Lee is. That's because he's a better showman than the "technical guys" you keep raving about. While I do love technical drummers... the average person at a show or club could care less. But a good showman such as Tommy Lee they will remember and talk about... not his technical chops. Don't be so jealous about what Mr. Lee has accomplished. Most of you would look silly playing a kit next to his while he was rocking out.
Wat u say about averege people in a club not caring about technical drummers, i very doubt is true.
If you go to a club a band does a song then half way they brake down and the drummer does a technical solo with great chops and speed (most normal people/non drummers love speed) the crowd will love it.

but when it comes to showmanship you can't name someone better.
First one that came to my head was Thomas Lang. No doubt he's better than tommy technically and in all other concepts of drumming, but i believe he has better showmanship as well. But if Tommy Lee is the reason you started to play drums then you clearly like him alot, it may cloud your vision of him a bit (this doesn't really seem to be the case with you though, u have admitted he has flaws, but there are sum people out there that just won't hear a bad word about him, that hes the greatest drummer to ever live and other crap) but nothing we can say will change ur mind about him. So well done Tommy you've managed to recruit a few drummers.
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